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Frankenstein Assessment Pack (assignments and test materials)


Resource PREVIEW (PDF)

29 Frankenstein Assignments including research projects, creative writing tasks, presentation, performance, and more.

Frankenstein Unit Test Maker with a wide variety of test items.

Frankenstein Assessment Pack gives you plenty of options. 29 assignment pages (ready-to-print) for projects, essays, debates, creative writing, etc. as well as 116 assessment questions and prompts.

Frankenstein Assessment Pack overview:

Assignments resource (click for full details)

  • 11 culminating tasks (addressing key standards)
  • 18 extension tasks (research projects, creative writing, performance, etc.)
  • 2 or more focus standards (Common Core) for each assignment
  • One-page handout for each task
  • Helpful graphic organizers and links
  • PDF and MS Word (easy to modify)

Exam banks resource (click for full details)

  • 40 comprehension questions (with answer key)
  • 42 Language Arts questions (with answer key)
  • 22 short answer prompts
  • 12 extended response prompts
  • Tasks range in difficulty
  • PDF and MS Word (easy to modify)

Bonus resource: Frankenstein Reading Test

  • A simple, whole-book reading check
  • Useful when assigning the novel as extra credit or summer reading
  • Answer key included