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Frankenstein Assignments: Culminating and Extension Tasks


Resource PREVIEW (PDF)

With 29 Frankenstein assignments, you are sure to find tasks aligned to your goals. Assignment pages include key standards, clear instructions, and helpful organizers. Note: This resource is included in the Frankenstein Unit.

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Frankenstein Assignments overview:

  • Intended for use with the original novel by Mary Shelley
  • 2-3 focus standards on each assignment
  • Each assignment is a one-page handout (ready to print)
  • PDF and MS Word files (print as-is or make modifications)
  • Helpful graphic organizers and links when appropriate
  • A variety of tasks: group work, essays, presentations, performances, projects, etc.

Frankenstein Assignments contents:

Culminating Tasks (11)

  • Theme Development in Frankenstein (essay)
  • Themes of Frankenstein (presentation)
  • The Creature and His Creator (characterization essay)
  • Structure and Point of View (informative essay)
  • Frankenstein in Context (informative essay)
  • Romanticism and Frankenstein (explanatory essay)
  • Allusions in Frankenstein (presentation)
  • Shelley’s Word Choice (presentation)
  • Symbolism in Frankenstein (presentation)
  • Analyze Unfamiliar Science Fiction (organizer)
  • Imagery in Frankenstein (explanatory essay)

Extension Tasks (18)

  • Science Fiction Short Story (creative writing)
  • Gothic Tales of Horror (narrative)
  • Creating Imagery (creative writing)
  • Plan a Frame Tale (organizer)
  • Point of View Shift (creative writing)
  • Dr. Frankenstein on Trial (debate)
  • Science Run Amuck! (opinion essay)
  • How Sexist is Frankenstein? (argumentative essay)
  • A Monster Monologue (performance)
  • Frankenstein Fine Art (exhibition)
  • Romantic Poetry Open Mic (performance)
  • Frankenstein Adaptation for the Stage or Screen (script)
  • Scenes of Ambition (skit)
  • Frankenstein Frames (class exhibit)
  • Frankenstein’s Context Research Project (presentation)
  • Comparing Frankensteins: 1818 vs. 1931 (essay)
  • Theories of Personality (research report)
  • Read and Share: Science Fiction (presentation)