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Frankenstein Assignments: Culminating and Extension Tasks


Resource PREVIEW (PDF)

With 29 Frankenstein assignments, you are sure to find tasks aligned to your goals.

Note: This resource is included in the Frankenstein Unit.

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Frankenstein Assignments overview:

  • Intended for use with the original novel by Mary Shelley
  • 2-3 focus standards on each assignment
  • Each assignment is a one-page handout (ready to print)
  • PDF and MS Word files (print as-is or make modifications)
  • Helpful graphic organizers and links when appropriate
  • A variety of tasks: group work, essays, presentations, performances, projects, etc.

Frankenstein Assignments contents:

Culminating Tasks (11)

  • Theme Development in Frankenstein (essay)
  • Themes of Frankenstein (presentation)
  • The Creature and His Creator (characterization essay)
  • Structure and Point of View (informative essay)
  • Frankenstein in Context (informative essay)
  • Romanticism and Frankenstein (explanatory essay)
  • Allusions in Frankenstein (presentation)
  • Shelley’s Word Choice (presentation)
  • Symbolism in Frankenstein (presentation)
  • Analyze Unfamiliar Science Fiction (organizer)
  • Imagery in Frankenstein (explanatory essay)

Extension Tasks (18)

  • Science Fiction Short Story (creative writing)
  • Gothic Tales of Horror (narrative)
  • Creating Imagery (creative writing)
  • Plan a Frame Tale (organizer)
  • Point of View Shift (creative writing)
  • Dr. Frankenstein on Trial (debate)
  • Science Run Amuck! (opinion essay)
  • How Sexist is Frankenstein? (argumentative essay)
  • A Monster Monologue (performance)
  • Frankenstein Fine Art (exhibition)
  • Romantic Poetry Open Mic (performance)
  • Frankenstein Adaptation for the Stage or Screen (script)
  • Scenes of Ambition (skit)
  • Frankenstein Frames (class exhibit)
  • Frankenstein’s Context Research Project (presentation)
  • Comparing Frankensteins: 1818 vs. 1931 (essay)
  • Theories of Personality (research report)
  • Read and Share: Science Fiction (presentation)