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Frankenstein Test Maker (exam banks)


Resource PREVIEW (PDF)

Prepare your assessment in record time. This resource is included in the Frankenstein Unit and Teacher Guide.

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With 118 questions and prompts to pick from, making your perfect Frankenstein exam is a snap.

Frankenstein Unit Test Maker overview:

  • Comprehension questions: 40
  • Language Arts questions: 42
  • Short answer prompts: 22
  • Extended response prompts: 12
  • Questions and prompts range from easy to challenging
  • Select, modify, and add easily

Frankenstein Unit Test Maker details:

  • All questions (2 banks) are multiple choice and include answer keys.
  • Short answer prompts can be answered with one detailed paragraph. Prompts address characterization, frame tales, symbolism, foreshadowing, etc.
  • Extended response prompts require a multi-paragraph answer. Prompts address Romanticism, allusion, structure, word choice, historical context, etc.
  • Two file formats: PDF and MS Word