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ANTHEM Test (final unit exam) 55 Questions PDF

    Anthem Test (final unit exam) with 55 questions for Ayn Rand’s thought-provoking novella. Includes comprehension questions, literary knowledge questions, and short response prompts. Print as-is or customize using the Anthem Test Maker resource.

    Sample Test - ANTHEM

    Anthem Unit Test options:

    • Use the sample unit test as shown (PDF).
    • Copy-and-paste Anthem test questions from the list below.
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      • 180 test questions and prompts
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    Anthem Project Ideas FEATURED 2

    Anthem Final Test Questions (cut and paste)

    RECALL & COMPREHENSION (multiple choice)

    1) The premise (idea) of Anthem is that in relation to us, the readers, it takes place…

    A. Long ago.
    B. Right now.
    C. In the future.
    D. During World War II.

    2) What types of words are forbidden in the imagined society of the book?

    A. Coordinating conjunctions
    B. Comparative adjectives
    C. Passive verbs
    D. Singular personal pronouns

    3) The most important value to the society in Anthem is…

    A. Justice.
    B. Intelligence.
    C. Peace / nonviolence.
    D. Togetherness / unity.

    4) Who or what tells the story?

    A. Equality 7-2521 is keeping a journal.
    B. A report from The Council of Elders.
    C. An unknown teller who is not personally involved in the tale
    D. Brotherhood 4-1691 tells a group of children what happened long ago.

    5) At the start of the story, Equality 7-2521 believes he is different because he…

    A. Has more faith than anyone else.
    B. Is evil.
    C. Deals honestly and tells the truth.
    D. Trick question! At the beginning of the story, he believes he fits in perfectly.

    6) Which words describe Liberty 5-3000?

    A. Awkward and comical (funny)
    B. Beautiful and graceful
    C. Large and gruff (harsh in manners)
    D. Shy and nervous

    7) According to the Old Ones, life in the Unmentionable Times was…

    A. Full of modern conveniences and technological achievements.
    B. A mass starvation event.
    C. Dominated by evil beings called Titans.
    D. Trick question! They don’t mention it.

    8) The only way that someone can change their vocation (job) is by…

    A. Agreeing to work in the mining pits.
    B. Moving to the “Frozen Wastes.”
    C. Getting a Councilor’s official appeal.
    D. Trick question! They cannot change it.

    9) How does the society in Anthem make sure that everyone agrees?

    A. People’s brains are genetically programmed prior to birth.
    B. The people are brainwashed through plays, mottos, and chants.
    C. The young naturally imitate the old.
    D. They use trained dream whisperers to influence people as they sleep.

    10) What is Liberty 5-3000’s occupation?

    A. Healer
    B. Cook
    C. Street Sweeper
    D. Farmer

    11) What is the only crime punishable by death in the collective society?

    A. Falling in love
    B. Speaking the Unspeakable Word
    C. Fratricide (murder of a brother)
    D. Refusing or being unable to work

    12) What aids Equality’s scientific efforts?

    A. The Council of Inventions.
    B. Liberty 5-3000.
    C. An elderly man who lives in the Uncharted Forest.
    D. The objects he finds in the tunnel.

    13) Equality admits that he steals from the institutions of the society so that he can…

    A. Pursue his own interests.
    B. Give to people in need.
    C. Sabotage (ruin) the Leaders’ plans.
    D. See how the authorities will react.

    14) How is it that Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 reunite in Chapter 9?

    A. They are sent to the same prison.
    B. Equality breaks into the kitchens where Liberty works.
    C. Liberty makes it happen by tracking down Equality in the forest.
    D. They meet at the abandoned tower as they had planned all along.

    15) How do the authorities discover that Equality engages in forbidden activities?

    A. Liberty tells on him.
    B. Union tells on him.
    C. The Council of the Home notices that he went missing and questions him.
    D. A city patrol finds his hideout when they see the smoke from his fire.

    16) How does Equality escape from the Palace of Corrective Detention?

    A. International 6-8900 breaks him out.
    B. He basically just walks out.
    C. His complex plan outwits the guards.
    D. Trick question! They send him home.

    17) When Equality meets with the Council of Scholars, he lies and tells them that…

    A. He is a scholar from a distant city.
    B. He is working on a top secret project for the World Council.
    C. He did not steal the supplies.
    D. Trick question! He tells the truth.

    18) When Equality 7-2521 first arrives in the Uncharted Forest he feels _______________, but the next day he feels ________________.

    A. Joyful / terrible
    B. Flirty / nauseous (sick)
    C. Hopeless / happy
    D. Righteous / guilty

    19) What decision do Equality and Liberty make regarding their future together?

    A. They plan to return to the City of Men.
    B. They will have a “dedication ceremony” (like a wedding).
    C. They will spend the rest of their lives in the building that they found.
    D. Trick question! They decide to separate.

    20) Equality 7-2521 believes that ______________ is the “creed of corruption” and the cause of great evil.

    A. Money
    B. Faith
    C. We
    D. Mine

    21) Which choice shows the correct sequence for Equality’s different names?

    A. Adam, Equality, The Golden One
    B. Equality, Unconquered, Prometheus
    C. Prometheus, The Golden One, Equality
    D. Equality, Prometheus, Gaea

    22) By the end of the book, Equality feels a burden of personal guilt because…

    A. He humiliated the Council of Scholars.
    B. He feels unworthy of Liberty’s love.
    C. He failed to free the people.
    D. Trick question! He feels no guilt.

    23) At the end of the story, Equality feels…

    A. Depressed and discouraged.
    B. Nothing. (He is dead.)
    C. Determined and triumphant.
    D. Content and satisfied.

    24) Equality decides that he will return to the City of Men in order to…

    A. Destroy it.
    B. Beg for forgiveness and acceptance.
    C. Rescue those who want to be rescued.
    D. Trick question! He vows to stay away.

    LITERATURE & LANGUAGE (multiple choice)

    25) The setting imagined in Anthem is best described as a…

    A. Utopia.
    B. Cornucopia.
    C. Zootopia.
    D. Dystopia.

    26) Which choice represents the conflicting ideologies of the 20th century (1900s)?

    A. Republicanism, intellectualism, and existentialism
    B. Humanism, Taoism, and gradualism
    C. Fascism, capitalism, and communism
    D. Existentialism, environmentalism, and consumerism

    27) Karl Marx’s theories viewed society as a class struggle between…

    A. The 1% and the 99%.
    B. Brahmins, Vaishyas, Shudras, and Dalits.
    C. The bourgeoisie and the proletariat.
    D. Patricians and plebeians.

    28) The World War II era and the Cold War era represent this work’s ________________.

    A. Point of View
    B. Setting
    C. Historical Context
    D. Authorial intrusion

    29) Which of these events provided the most inspiration for the writing of Anthem?

    A. The Renaissance
    B. The Great Depression
    C. The Russian Revolution
    D. The Korean War

    30) Frankenstein, Anthem, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and the Harry Potter books all fall within the genre of…

    A. Memoir.
    B. Utopia fiction.
    C. Fantasy.
    D. Speculative fiction.

    31) Equality’s internal conflict is that…

    A. He feels that he must fight the government in order to create change.
    B. He wants to express himself, but he knows it is wrong.
    C. He must choose between Liberty 3-5000 and his personal goals.
    D. He must find a way to escape the prison without getting himself killed.

    32) The language in most of Anthem is unusual because it is written from a/an ______________________ point of view.

    A. Omniscient (all-knowing)
    B. Collective
    C. Second-person
    D. Onomatopoeic

    33) Which of these events represents the inciting incident of the plot?

    A. Equality visits the Council of Scholars.
    B. Equality discovers the hidden tunnel.
    C. Equality runs away with Liberty.
    D. The World Council imprisons Equality.

    34) The personal journey of a dynamic character like Equality 7-2521 is called a…

    A. Character arc.
    B. Motivation.
    C. Subplot / parallel plot.
    D. Structural effect.

    35) Which choice accurately identifies the climax of the external conflict?

    A. Liberty and Equality find a home.
    B. Equality gets his invention to work.
    C. Equality meets with the scholars.
    D. Equality defeats and murders Union.

    36) Which choice is the LEAST important theme subject in Anthem?

    A. Individuality
    B. Forgiveness
    C. Freedom
    D. Seeking truth

    37) Identify the key element in this excerpt:

    “…it was as if we were swimming through a sea of leaves, with the bushes as waves rising and falling and rising around us, and flinging their green sprays high…”

    A. Point of view (irony)
    B. Figurative language (simile)
    C. Symbolism
    D. Structure (pacing)

    38) Which literary element is highlighted in this excerpt?

    “But we must never speak of the times before the Great Rebirth, else we are sentenced to three years in the Palace of Corrective Detention. It is only the Old Ones who whisper about it in the evenings, in the Home of the Useless. They whisper many strange things, of the towers which rose to the sky, in those Unmentionable Times, and of the wagons which moved without horses, and of the lights which burned without flame. But those times were evil.”

    A. Structural effect: mystery
    B. Character traits and motivations
    C. Device: foreshadowing
    D. Plot event: rising action

    39) The recurring element of names and re-naming mainly connects to the theme on…

    A. Power.
    B. Equality / hierarchy.
    C. Seeking truth.
    D. Individuality / collectivism.

    40) The recurring element of The Uncharted Forest mainly connects to the theme on…

    A. Equality / hierarchy.
    B. Forgiveness.
    C. Pacifism (non-violence).
    D. The natural state of life.

    41) In analyzing the literary elements of Anthem, the light box is a(n) ____________, whereas song/singing is a(n) ____________.

    A. Symbol / motif
    B. Motivation / allusion
    C. Allegory / metaphor
    D. Allusion / simile

    42) Identify the key literary element in this excerpt:

    “… May the Council have mercy upon us! We had no wish to write such a question, and we knew not what we were doing till we had written it. We shall not ask this question and we shall not think it.”

    A. Setting / genre
    B. Internal conflict
    C. Symbol
    D. Figurative / connotative meaning

    43) Identify the key literary element in this excerpt:

    “We blew out the candle. Darkness swallowed us. There was nothing left around us, nothing save night and a thin thread of flame in it, as a crack in the wall of a prison. We stretched our hands to the wire, and we saw our fingers in the red glow.”

    A. Rhetoric
    B. Imagery
    C. Allusion
    D. Structure (suspense)

    44) Which choice best reflects the tone of Anthem as a whole?

    A. Silly and absurd
    B. Angry and hate-fueled
    C. Serious and reverent (respectful)
    D. Joyful and carefree

    45) The fact that life in The Uncharted Forest bears striking similarities to the story of The Garden of Eden represents a literary…

    A. Allusion.
    B. Coincidence.
    C. Theme.
    D. Hyperbole.

    46) Equality’s time of revelation (profound understanding) on the mountain is an unspoken reference to…

    A. Moses / The Bible
    B. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    C. Odin / Norse mythology
    D. Odysseus / Greek mythology

    47) Which choice is NOT accurate in describing propaganda?

    A. It often relies on emotion rather than logic.
    B. It can take many different forms (posters, speeches, books, etc.)
    C. It presents both sides of the issue.
    D. It can be created by individuals or official organizations.

    48) Anthem is all of the following EXCEPT…

    A. Speculative fiction.
    B. Anti-communist propaganda.
    C. Dystopia novella.
    D. Autobiographical anthology.


    49) Complete the table to explain how Equality’s motivations change over time.

    Anthem Test page 6


    50) Explain the relevance of the book’s title.


    51) CONNECT: Deeper Meanings and Story Details (Use each letter exactly once.)

    Anthem final test matching


    52) The language of the narration changes profoundly (in a big way) toward the end of Anthem. Explain how the language changes and the importance of the change.


    53) Provide literary analysis for this quote. Include any relevant literary terminology.

    “As the flames rose, a thing happened which no eyes saw but ours, else we would not be living today. Perhaps it had only seemed to us. But it seemed to us that the eyes of the Transgressor had chosen us from the crowd and were looking straight upon us. There was no pain in their eyes and no knowledge of the agony of their body. There was only joy in them, and pride, a pride holier than is fit for human pride to be. And it seemed as if these eyes were trying to tell us something through the flames, to send into our eyes some word without sound. And it seemed as if these eyes were begging us to gather that word and not to let it go from us and from the earth. But the flames rose and we could not guess the word…”


    54) Analyze this except from the end of Anthem in terms of tone.

    “Here on this mountain, I and my sons and my chosen friends shall build our new land and our fort. And it will become as the heart of the earth, lost and hidden at first, but beating, beating louder each day. And word of it will reach every corner of the earth. And the roads of the world will become as veins which will carry the best of the world’s blood to my threshold. And all my brothers, and the Councils of my brothers, will hear of it, but they will be impotent against me. And the day will come when I shall break all the chains of the earth, and raze the cities of the enslaved, and my home will become the capital of a world where each man will be free to exist for his own sake.

    For the coming of that day shall I fight, I and my sons and my chosen friends. For the freedom of Man. For his rights. For his life. For his honor.”


    55) CONNECT: Story Details and Source References

    Anthem questions


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