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Anthem Unit Test

    Printable Anthem unit test (ready to use) This Anthem unit test (final exam) is a PDF file that is ready to download or print.  I selected the questions from my Anthem Exam Banks resource. Anthem Unit Test PDF Anthem Unit Test… Read More »Anthem Unit Test

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    Anthem Reading Quizzes

      Anthem reading quizzes:  1 Anthem reading quiz chapter 1 Which choice identifies the narration (telling) of Anthem? Equality is writing a journal. It is a report from The Council of Elders. Unknown, third-person narrator. Brotherhood is telling a group of children… Read More »Anthem Reading Quizzes

      Anthem and the Common Core

        Using Rand’s novella and teaching Common Core standards Whether you love or loathe Rand’s themes, there can be no doubt that she develops literary elements powerfully.  Rand’s, craft, structure, point of view, and theme development make it effective to pair Anthem and the Common Core… Read More »Anthem and the Common Core

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        Anthem Unit Plan

          If you plan on teaching Anthem by Ayn rand, I applaud you.  Even if your personal views run counter to Rand’s, the literary elements and themes of Anthem deserve exploration. Now you need an Anthem unit plan. Will you design… Read More »Anthem Unit Plan

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          Teaching Anthem by Ayn Rand

            Teaching Anthem by Ayn Rand offers excellent opportunities for both philosophical and literary exploration (even if you disagree with her themes).  Here are some approaches that have helped me in teaching Anthem.  I have grouped the ideas into before, during,… Read More »Teaching Anthem by Ayn Rand