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ANTHEM Questions and Answers (PDF)

    If you need Anthem questions and answers for your classroom, TeachNovels has you covered.  This page pertains to comprehension questions by chapter and reading quizzes. Open-ended discussion questions and test questions are also available:

    ANTHEM Discussion Questions (Ayn Rand)

    ANTHEM Test (final unit exam) 55 Questions PDF

    Anthem Questions: Chapter 1 (comprehension)

    ANTHEM Reading Questions by Chapter 1

    Anthem Questions for Chapter 1 (PDF)

    Anthem Questions and Answers for Chapters 1-12

    Download includes static format (PDF), customizable format (DOCX), and answer keys.


    Anthem Quizzes (3 readings)



    Anthem Quiz Reading #1 (PDF)

    Anthem Quizzes for Readings 1-3 (includes answer key)

          • Reading 1: Chapter 1 (20 pages)
          • Reading 2: Chapters 2-7 (39 pages)
          • Reading 3: Chapters 8-12 (27 pages)


    Anthem Questions and Answers: Chapter 1

    1) Which of the following words is NOT found in Chapter 1?

    A. Men
    B. Me
    C. We
    D. Our

    2) Which choice reflects the narration (telling) of Chapter 1?

    A. Equality writes in his journal.
    B. The Council of Elders files a report.
    C. An unknown narrator who is not personally involved
    D. Brotherhood 4-1691 tells children what happened long ago.

    3) At the very start of the story, Equality is…

    A. Resting in his jail cell.
    B. Performing manual labor (carrying bricks).
    C. Eating in a dining hall.
    D. Hiding in a tunnel.

    4) Equality feels that he is different because he…

    A. Has more faith than everyone else.
    B. Is evil compared to everyone else.
    C. Deals honestly with people.
    D. Trick question! He does not think that he is different.

    5) What is Equality’s favorite class in the Home of the Students?

    A. History
    B. Physical Education
    C. Penmanship
    D. Science

    6) What physical trait makes Equality stand out?

    A. The color of his eyes
    B. The color of his hair
    C. His height
    D. One leg is shorter than the other.

    7) According to the Old Ones, life in the Unmentionable Times was…

    A. Full of modern conveniences and achievements.
    B. A mass starvation event.
    C. Groups of early humans hunting and killing each other.
    D. Trick question! They do not mention it.

    8) To what home does the Council of Vocations assign Equality?

    A. Growers
    B. Street Sweepers
    C. Party Boys
    D. Scholars

    9) The only way that someone can change their vocation (job) is by…

    A. Agreeing to work in the mining pits.
    B. Moving to the “Frozen Wastes.”
    C. Getting a Council Leader to issue an appeal.
    D. Trick question! They cannot change it.

    10) How does the Council kill the people that are too old to work?

    A. Drowning
    B. Starvation
    C. Hypothermia (cold)
    D. Trick question! They send them to the Home of the Useless.

    11) What crime does Equality ask International to commit?

    A. Keeping a secret
    B. Altering a document in the Hall of Records
    C. Murder
    D. Friendship

    12) Equality regularly sneaks away when he is supposed to be…

    A. Sleeping.
    B. At the theatre.
    C. Working.
    D. At the Fitness Center.

    13) What does Equality steal from the Home of the Scholars?

    A. Paintings and sculptures
    B. Food and clothing
    C. Binoculars and a whistle
    D. Books and candles

    14) Describe a typical day in the life of a typical citizen of the collective society.

    The schedule of (almost) every day is the same. The citizens wake up in their respective dormitories, e.g., the House of the Street Sweepers. They eat a bland, utilitarian meal and go to work. After dinner they go to “performances” that are really brainwashing sessions. The impassive theatre and the joyless music repeat the same collectivist messages over and over. The citizens then march back to the dormitories and sleep in large rooms with rows and rows of identical beds. There are no opportunities for solitude, self-expression, or diversion.

    Anthem questions and answers by chapter:

        • Chapter 1: 13 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 2: 8 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 3: 4 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 4: 3 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 5: 5 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 6: 6 multiple-choice
        • Chapter 7: 6 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 8: 4 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 9: 6 multiple-choice
        • Chapter 10: 4 multiple-choice, 1 short answer
        • Chapter 11: 6 multiple-choice
        • Chapter 12: 5 multiple-choice, 1 short answer


    Anthem Quizzes by Reading

    Anthem Quizzes reading schedule:

      • Reading 1: Chapter 1 (20 pages)
      • Reading 2: Chapters 2-7 (39 pages)
      • Reading 3: Chapters 8-12 (27 pages)

    Anthem Reading Quizzes files:

      • Quizzes to print (PDF and DOCX)
      • Answer Key (PDF and DOCX)

    Resource notes:

      • Each Anthem quiz contains 14 multiple-choice questions and 1 short answer prompt.
      • DOCX files can be edited in MS Word or Google Docs.
      • These Anthem quizzes assess comprehension only.
      • This resource is included in the Anthem by Ayn Rand Unit.


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