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ANTHEM Unit: Lesson Plans, Materials, Projects, & Assessments



A complete unit for Ayn Rand’s Anthem. Includes orderly lesson plans, instructional materials, reading checks, discussion sets, projects, and unit test.

Guide students in engaging explorations of historical context, genre, characterization, point of view, symbolism, style, theme development, and more.

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Lesson Plans

Includes 20 step-by-step lessons, 19 handouts, 5 slideshows, and teacher guide.

Lesson plans overview:

    • Pre-reading: 3 lessons
    • Reading 1 (Chapter 1): 4 lessons
    • Reading 2 (Chapters 2-7): 4 lessons
    • Reading 3 (Chapters 8-12): 4 lessons
    • Follow-up: 5 lessons

Anthem Lesson Plans: file formats

    • Lesson plans: PDF and DOCX
    • Handouts: PDF and DOCX
    • Slideshows: PDF and PPTX
    • Answer key: PDF and DOCX

Reading Quizzes

Reading checks motivate students to complete the readings. Each quiz contains 15 comprehension / recall questions. Quick to administer and score.

Quiz schedule:

    • Reading 1: Chapter 1 (20 pages)
    • Reading 2: Chapters 2-7 (39 pages)
    • Reading 3: Chapters 8-12 (27 pages)


    • Quizzes to print (PDF and DOCX)
    • Answer key (PDF and DOCX)

Projects and Assessments

19 options for assessing and extending learning. Tasks include creative writing, debate, formal research, visual arts, performance, presentation, and more.


    • Assignment Menu (PDF)
    • Assignment Menu (DOCX)
    • Supporting Materials folder (PDF and DOCX)

Note: There is NO ANSWER KEY in this resource.

Unit Test Maker

Choose from 180 test questions ranging from basic to challenging. Make your perfect Anthem unit assessment in minutes instead of hours.

Test items:

    • 65 comprehension / recall questions (multiple choice)
    • 79 literary knowledge and analysis questions (multiple choice)
    • 26 short answer prompts
    • 10 extended response prompts


    • Anthem Unit Test (DOCX and PDF)

Discussion Sets by Chapter

Each set has several discussion questions (4 to 10 depending on the length of the chapter) and 1-2 excerpts for analysis. This resource was written with collaborative groups in mind, but it could serve other functions (e.g., individual reading support).

Note: The ANSWER KEY provides possible responses and not “correct answers.”