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THE GREAT GATSBY Unit: Lesson Plans, Materials, and Assessments



Guide students through Fitzgerald’s masterpiece of Modernism with this comprehensive resource. Bundle includes all TeachNovels materials for The Great Gatsby.

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The Great Gatsby Unit includes everything from pre-reading activities through the final exam. Engaging lessons and assignments align to ELA standards and address symbolism, craft, point of view, characterization, Modernism, theme development, historical context, and more.

The Great Gatsby Unit Bundle:

Resource Details:

The Great Gatsby Lesson Plans and Materials:

  • Meet The Great Gatsby
  • Anticipation Guide
  • Historical Context: The Jazz Age
  • Discussion Set #1
  • It’s All in the Details: Characterization
  • The Roaring Twenties: Primary Source Gallery
  • Party Like Gatsby
  • Discussion Set #2
  • The Great Gatsby Mystery
  • Symbolism Refresh
  • Writing with Imagery
  • Discussion Set #3
  • Saying vs. Meaning (dialogue)
  • Nick Carried Away (point of view)
  • What Does Modernism Look Like?
  • Discussion Set #4
  • Despicable Them (character and theme)
  • Symbol Hunting
  • Eulogy for Gatsby
  • Theme Development
  • Fitzgerald’s Style (excerpt experts)
  • Structure and Effects
  • Foiled Again! (character comparisons)

The Great Gatsby Quizzes:

  • Reading 1: Chapters 1-3
  • Reading 2: Chapters 4-5
  • Reading 3: Chapters 6-7
  • Reading 4: Chapters 8-9

The Great Gatsby Assignments and Projects Menu:

  • Judging a Cover by Its Book (original art)
  • The American Nightmare (editorial)
  • Point of View Shift (narrative writing)
  • Prose Poetry & Poetry Pros
  • Time Travel Briefing (historical context)
  • Viewing Guide and Film Review (2013 version)
  • Read-N-Share: Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Not-So-Great Gatsby? (debate)
  • The Great Fitzgerald (research report)
  • The Geography of Desire (map activity)
  • Theme Reflection (personal essay)
  • Poetry Connections
  • Modernism Story (creative writing)
  • Character Monologue (performance)
  • Getting the Green Light (symbol presentations)
  • Theme Development (essay)
  • Fitzgerald’s Style (essay)
  • Characterization (literary analysis)

The Great Gatsby Unit Test Bank:

  • 65 Comprehension / recall questions (multiple choice)
  • 80 Literary knowledge and analysis questions (multiple choice)
  • 15 Short answer prompts
  • 5 Extended response / essay prompts


  • The Great Gatsby Assignments Menu has NO ANSWER KEY.
  • Files delivered in two forms: editable and PDF.
  • Formats are in PPTX (presentations), PDF, and DOCX.
  • DOCX files can be modified in MS Word or Google Docs.
  • The Great Gatsby Novel Unit offers flexibility; it is not set in stone. You can alter or omit materials without undermining later assignments.