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23 detailed lessons, 24 instructional handouts, and 3 slideshows. NOTE: The Great Gatsby Unit includes this resource.

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The Great Gatsby Lesson Planleads students through engaging explorations of historical context, characterization, point of view, Modernism, symbolism, elements of style, theme development, and more.

The Great Gatsby Lesson Plans: Overview

NOTE: Depending on your instructional goals, you might not use all lessons.

  • Pre-reading / Introduction: 3 lessons
  • Reading 1: Chapters 1-3, 4 lessons
  • Reading 2: Chapters 4-5, 4 lessons
  • Reading 3: Chapters 6-7, 4 lessons
  • Reading 4: Chapters 8-9, 4 lessons
  • Follow-up / Closing: 4 lessons

23 The Great Gatsby Lessons: Table of Contents

  • Meet The Great Gatsby
  • Anticipation Guide
  • Historical Context: The Jazz Age
  • Discussion Set #1
  • It’s All in the Details: Characterization
  • The Roaring Twenties: Primary Source Gallery
  • Party Like Gatsby
  • Discussion Set #2
  • The Great Gatsby Mystery
  • Symbolism Refresh
  • Writing with Imagery
  • Discussion Set #3
  • Saying vs. Meaning (dialogue)
  • Nick Carried Away (point of view)
  • What Does Modernism Look Like?
  • Discussion Set #4
  • Despicable Them (character and theme)
  • Symbol Hunting
  • Eulogy for Gatsby
  • Theme Development
  • Fitzgerald’s Style (excerpt experts)
  • Structure and Effects
  • Foiled Again! (character comparisons)

The Great Gatsby Lesson Plans: File Formats

  • Handout files: PDF and DOCX (MSWord)
  • Slideshow files: PDF and PPTX (PowerPoint)
  • Answer Key: PDF
  • NOTE: All resources can be edited with the exception of the answer key.


  • These The Great Gatsby lessons are intended for whole-class instruction, but many activities are appropriate for small-group or individual instruction.
  • This resource is included in The Great Gatsby Unit bundle.