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Make your unit exam in minutes instead of hours. Delete that questions that you do not want, and your test is ready.

NOTE: The Great Gatsby Unit includes this resource.

Also available through TeachersPayTeachers.

Choose from 165 The Great Gatsby test questions ranging from basic to challenging. Items address a wide variety of topics including symbolism, point of view, historical context, Modernism, author’s style, characterization, biographical analysis, imagery, tone, structure, and theme development.

Delete the test questions that you do not want; that’s it! Your assessment is ready.

The Great Gatsby unit test items:

  • 65 Comprehension / recall questions (multiple choice)
  • 80 Literary knowledge and analysis questions (multiple choice)
  • 15 Short answer prompts
  • 5 Extended response / essay prompts

The Great Gatsby Test resource files:

  • The Great Gatsby Unit Test (editable) – DOCX
  • The Great Gatsby Unit Test – PDF
  • Answer Key The Great Gatsby Unit Test (editable) – DOCX
  • Answer Key The Great Gatsby Unit Test – PDF

Resource notes:

  • The complete unit includes this The Great Gatsby Test resource.
  • DOCX files allow you to customize The Great Gatsby test questions in MS Word or Google Docs.
  • For The Great Gatsby exam in one column: Select all > layout > columns > one
  • You may find it helpful to start with a copy of the answer key and delete questions. If you make your answer key first, you can then remove all highlighting and underlining at once to make the student version.