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Brave New World Complete Unit



Unit takes students from pre-reading through the final exam. Activities and assignments address symbolism, craft, genre, theme development, historical context, allusion, and more.

NOTE: Bundle contains all resources for this text.

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Brave New World Unit overview:

Brave New World Unit details:

Lesson Plans and Materials:

  • Brave New World Introduction (slideshow and notes)
  • A New Utopia
  • Brave New World Anticipation Guide
  • Where Do Babies Come From? (factory tour)
  • Speculative Fiction: “The Perfect Match”
  • Fragmented Narration
  • Brave New World Discussion Set #1
  • Hypnopedia Britannica
  • Bernard the Misfit (characterization)
  • Huxley’s Real World – 1931 (historical context)
  • Brave New World Discussion Set #2
  • Classical Conditioning, Lenina, and You
  • Writing with Imagery (word choice)
  • Symbolism Practice (short story edition)
  • Brave New World Discussion Set #3
  • What’s Shakespeare Got to Do with It? (allusions)
  • A Poem for Helmholtz
  • Are You Being Controlled?
  • Brave New World Discussion Set #4
  • Symbol Hunt
  • The Two Johns / Biblical Allusions
  • Huxley’s Themes
  • Brave New World Discussion Set #5
  • John v. Mond Debate
  • Foiled Again! (characterization)

Reading Checks (answer keys included):

  • Reading 1: Chapters 1-3
  • Reading 2: Chapters 4-6
  • Reading 3: Chapters 7-10
  • Reading 4: Chapters 11-14
  • Reading 5: Chapters 15-18

Projects and Assignments (culminating tasks and extension tasks):

  • Theme Development Essay
  • Connected Themes Essay
  • Symbol Presentations
  • Truth and Fiction (Brave New World research report)
  • Invent a Sport (group project)
  • Creative Writing: Speculative Fiction
  • Speculative Fiction Read-N-Share (group presentation)
  • Helmholtz Speaks! (persuasive speech)
  • The Bard and the Bible (allusion analysis)
  • Is Brave New World Still Relevant? (opinion essay)
  • Creative Writing: Brave New World Pastiche
  • One Scene for Stage or Screen (group production)
  • Huxley’s Characters (analysis essay)
  • Bernard Marx on Trial (mock trial)

Exam Maker (answer key included):

  • 45 recall and comprehension questions (multiple choice)
  • 45 literary knowledge and analysis questions (multiple choice)
  • 20 short answer prompts
  • 10 extended response / essay prompts

Resource notes:

  • Brave New World Unit is based on a schedule of five readings, but most of these Brave New World activities work within any schedule.
  • Files are PPTX (presentations), PDF, and DOCX. DOCX files can be modified in Google Docs or MS Word.
  • A reading test for the entire novel is also included.