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Brave New World Projects and Assignments



A wide variety of tasks to get students debating, analyzing, performing, and creating.

This resource is included in the complete unit.

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Choose from 14 Brave New World projects and assignments. Tasks range from literary analysis to creative writing to performance and address symbolism, theme development, historical context, key allusions, and more.

Brave New World assignments:

  • Theme Development Essay
  • Connected Themes Essay
  • Symbol Presentations
  • Truth and Fiction (Brave New World research report)
  • Invent a Sport (group project)
  • Creative Writing: Speculative Fiction
  • Speculative Fiction Read-N-Share (group presentation)
  • Helmholtz Speaks! (persuasive speech)
  • The Bard and the Bible (allusion analysis)
  • Is Brave New World Still Relevant? (opinion essay)
  • Creative Writing: Brave New World Pastiche
  • One Scene for Stage or Screen (group production)
  • Huxley’s Characters (analysis essay)
  • Bernard Marx on Trial (mock trial)

Brave New World Projects and Assignments files:

  • Assignment Pages (PDF)
  • Assignment Pages (DOCX)
  • Debate Handout (PDF)
  • Character Analysis Page (PDF)
  • Simple Script Template (PDF)
  • Body Paragraph Organizer (PDF)
  • Argument Organizer (PDF)
  • Collaboration Worksheet (PDF)
  • Report Organizer (PDF)
  • Research Template (PDF)
  • Analyzing Textual Evidence (PDF)


  • Each assignment handout is one page (front and back) with links to related templates and organizers as necessary.
  • The DOCX file can be modified in MS Word or Google Docs.
  • These Brave New World assignments are intended for students who have finished reading the novel.
  • For during-reading activities, check out Brave New World Lesson Plans.
  • This resource is included in the complete unit.