Brave New World Reading Quizzes (5 reading checks)

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Resource PREVIEW (PDF)

These quizzes motivate readers and make it easy to check comprehension.

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Motivate students to complete assigned readings with Brave New World reading quizzes. Each quiz contains ten multiple choice questions, so they are quick to administer and score.

Brave New World Reading Quizzes schedule:

  • Reading 1: Chapters 1-3
  • Reading 2: Chapters 4-6
  • Reading 3: Chapters 7-10
  • Reading 4: Chapters 11-14
  • Reading 5: Chapters 15-18

Brave New World Reading Checks contents:

  • Print view (PDF and DOCX)
  • List view (PDF and DOCX)
  • Answer key (PDF)

Resource notes:

  • DOCX files can be edited in MS Word or Google Docs.
  • These Brave New World reading checks contain comprehension-level, multiple choice questions only.
  • None of the questions assess knowledge of literary elements.