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ANTHEM Lesson Plans & Materials


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Engaging explorations of historical context, characterization, point of view, symbolism, language style, theme development, and more. Includes 20 step-by-step lessons, 19 instructional handouts, 5 slideshows, and answer key. The Anthem Unit Bundle includes this resource.

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Anthem by Ayn Rand Lesson Plans: Overview

NOTE: Depending on your instructional goals, you may not use all lessons.

    • Pre-reading: 3 lessons
    • Reading 1 (Chapter 1): 4 lessons
    • Reading 2 (Chapters 2-7): 4 lessons
    • Reading 3 (Chapters 8-12): 4 lessons
    • Follow-up: 5 lessons


20 Anthem Lessons: Table of Contents

    • Introduction Slideshow & Anticipation Guide
    • A New Society (thought experiment)
    • Speculative Fiction
    • Discussion Set #1
    • WE Rules!
    • Sticker Economics / Share the Wealth
    • What is Communism?
    • Discussion Set #2
    • Who is Equality 7-2521?
    • Cold War Cartoon Conflict
    • Symbolism Practice
    • Discussion Set #3
    • Equality’s Evolution (character arc)
    • Excerpt Experts: Language Style
    • Propaganda Gallery
    • “The Allegory of the Cave”
    • Hall of Allusions (source material)
    • Going Deep: Symbol and Motif
    • Structure and Effects
    • What’s the Big Idea? (theme development)


Anthem Lesson Plans: File Formats

    • Lesson plans: PDF and DOCX (MSWord)
    • Handouts: PDF and DOCX (MSWord)
    • Slideshows: PDF and PPTX (PowerPoint)
    • Answer key: PDF and DOCX (MSWord)


Resource Notes:

    • These Anthem by Ayn Rand lessons are intended for whole-class instruction, but many of the activities are appropriate for small-groups, independent study, or homeschooling.
    • All included materials can be edited.
    • The Anthem Unit Bundle includes this resource.