To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Test (whole-book reading check)

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This To Kill a Mockingbird reading test ensures accountability for assigned reading. As a whole-book reading check, it contains only comprehension-level questions. It works great for assigning summer reading or extra credit.

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Test contents:

  • 38 multiple-choice questions
  • 2 short answer questions
  • 1 essay question

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Test files:

  • Print view (PDF and MS Word)
  • List view (PDF and MS Word)
  • Answer key (PDF)

Resource notes:

  • MS Word files make the resource easy to modify.
  • Reading check does not assess knowledge of literary elements.
  • Print view of the reading test is 6 pages: 3 pages of multiple choice, 1 page for short answer questions, and 2 pages for the essay.
  • You can shorten the test to multiple-choice only by omitting the later pages.

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  1. I allow students to read TKM for extra credit (since it is too low for the grades I teach). This test works great since it is so fast to score.

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