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Frankenstein Lesson Plans: 21 Great Lessons for Mary Shelley’s Masterpiece


Resource PREVIEW (PDF)

Expertly explore genre, Romanticism, allusions, structure, point of view, style, theme development, and more.

NOTE: This resource is included in the complete Frankenstein Unit.

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Frankenstein Lesson Plans overview:

  • 17 Lessons (3 pre-reading, 9 during reading, and 5 follow-up)
  • 4 discussion sets (for different points in the reading)
  • Each lesson follows an into, through, and beyond format.
  • Connected clips, readings, and graphic organizers
  • A variety of activities (group tasks, presentations, creative writing, etc.)
  • Key excerpts by chapter with analysis

Frankenstein Lesson Plans contents:

  1. Nobody Says, “It’s Alive!” (anticipation guide)
  2. Getting Romantic with Art (Romanticism)
  3. Giving Sci-fi a Try (genre)
  4. The Frame of the Tale (structure)
  5. Foreshadowing Doom (structure effects)
  6. “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (allusion)
  7. Discussion set 1
  8. Doctoring the Evidence (point of view)
  9. Isn’t It Romantic? (word choice)
  10. Are Monsters Made or Born? (nonfiction)
  11. Discussion set 2
  12. Becoming Frankenstein’s Monster (characterization)
  13. Finding Paradise Lost (source materials)
  14. Writing with Imagery
  15. Discussion set 3
  16. A Tale of Two Wretches (character and motivation)
  17. Shelley’s Themes
  18. The Modern Prometheus (source materials)
  19. Discussion set 4
  20. Symbolism in Frankenstein (theme development)
  21. Foiled Again! (characterization)