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Ender’s Game Multiple Choice Test (40 questions)

    Many readers began a life-long love affair with science fiction after reading Ender’s Game.  Engaging as this sci-fi classic may be, some readers need an incentive.  This Ender’s Game multiple choice test motivates readers and checks comprehension.

    If you are looking for reading checks to use throughout the reading of the novel, check out Ender’s Game Quizzes (5 reading checks).

    Ender’s Game Multiple Choice Test

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    Ender’s Game Test PDF contents

    This test includes writing prompts if you want them.  You can shorten the test to multiple choice only by omitting the later pages.

    • 40 multiple choice questions
    • 3 short answer prompts
    • 1 essay response prompt
    • Answer key included

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    Ender’s Game Multiple Choice Test files

    • Print view (PDF and DOCX)
    • List view (PDF and DOCX)
    • Answer key (PDF)

    Note: DOCX files can be modified in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

    Download Ender’s Game Test PDF

    How would someone score if they only watched the movie?

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    Unfortunately, the movie follows the book closely and includes most of the major details.  (In fact, the movie suffers from including too many details without sufficient development.)  However, it would be nearly impossible someone to do well on the Ender’s Game Test PDF without reading the original.

    Let’s imagine that an individual watched the movie 100 times without ever opening the book.  How would they score?  It depends on how you weight the writing questions.

    Scoring for the hypothetical movie-watcher:

    • Multiple choice section: 25/40 = 63%
    • Short answer section: 7/15 = 47%
    • Essay question: 5/15 = 33%

    Even if the test taker knew every frame and line of the movie (unlikely), they would still score poorly on the Ender’s Game multiple choice test.  Many of the test questions have no point of reference in the movie.

    Ender’s Game multiple choice questions samples

    1) Why must Ender go to the doctor at the beginning of the novel?

    • To have a brain implant removed.
    • To undergo psychiatric testing.
    • To receive mechanical eyes.
    • To meet his new baby sister.

    2) What do others call Andrew “Ender” Wiggin as an insult?

    • Zebra Boy
    • HAL-1000
    • Third
    • Offender

    3) Which member of the Wiggin family is cruel and vicious?

    • Valentine
    • Peter
    • Ender’s Mother
    • Ender’s Father

    4) The telling of the narrative (story) is often interrupted by…

    • Discussions by military agents.
    • Daily news reports.
    • Excerpts from Ender’s diary.
    • Announcements from a loudspeaker.

    5) How does Colonel Graff want Ender to feel in Battle School?

    • Powerful
    • Loved
    • Uncontrollable anger
    • Lonely

    6) Ender hacks into the computer system at Battle School to

    • Change his scores.
    • Read his personnel file and records.
    • Pull a prank on a bully.
    • Trick question! He fails to hack into the system.

    7) In Ender’s society the government has strict control over…

    • What people can think and say.
    • Water.
    • Life span (age 65 is the maximum).
    • Procreation (having babies).

    8) Ender’s favorite video game in Battle School involves…

    • Killing aliens.
    • Moving trapped people through underground tunnels.
    • Sailing ancient ships on the ocean.
    • Magical landscapes and creatures.

    9) What does Ender think of Bonzo as a commander?

    • He is an effective leader to be studied.
    • He has no talent for strategy.
    • He needs to learn to create discipline.
    • He excels at making the soldiers love him.

    10) What does Bonzo order Ender to do during the battles?

    • Guard the gate.
    • Create distractions.
    • Stay behind and do nothing.
    • Trick question! He gives him no orders.

    11) What happens when a student is hit with the light gun in the battleroom?

    • Their suit is immobilized (cannot move).
    • The team loses; the match is over.
    • They fall unconscious until the match is over.
    • A machine pulls the “dead” from the battleroom.

    12) Ender decides that ________________ is an effective battleroom technique.

    • Leaving your weapons behind
    • Attacking feet first
    • Blowing up your own gate
    • Shooting above your target

    13) How does the school punish bullying?

    • Bullies are demoted to a lower rank or expelled from the school.
    • Bullies are tortured with electric shocks in front of everyone.
    • The offender might have to do some extra chores.
    • Trick question! The school does not punish bullying.

    Thanks for checking out Ender’s Game Test PDF!

    If you download this resource, you can edit test items or print as-is.

    An Ender’s Game multiple choice test is an easy way to motivate a reader and check comprehension. Getting young people to read is essential, but it need not be difficult. If you have found this resource helpful, view the other TeachNovels reading tests.