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White Fang Reading Quizzes (5)


Whether you are using White Fang for whole-class instruction or in literature circles / small groups, it is key to keep students accountable for the readings.  These quick, multiple-choice quizzes make it easy.

Quiz schedule: (page numbers refer to ISBN 978-0-439-23619-5)

  1. Chapters 1-4 (pages 1-46)
  2. Chapters 5-9 (pages 47-97)
  3. Chapters 10-15 (pages 97-152)
  4. Chapters 16-20 (152-206)
  5. Chapters 21-25 (206-252)

Resource details and notes:

  • Two quiz formats and each has a PDF and MS Word file
    • 1-column list format
    • Paper-saver format (allows you to print two quizzes on a single piece of paper)
  • Comprehension question only (no questions on Language Arts elements)
  • Multiple choice only (quick to complete and quick to score)
  • Answer keys are included

Also available: White Fang Reading Test