To Kill a Mockingbird Culminating Tasks and Enrichment Activities



Includes a wide variety of projects and assessments. Tasks address point of view, historical context, symbolism, theme development, writing craft, and more.

NOTE: These resources are included in the complete unit.

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28 To Kill a Mockingbird Projects & Assignments

  • Culminating Tasks (10)
  • Enrichment Activities (18)
    • Creative Writing (5)
    • Performance / Exhibition (5)
    • Argument (3)
    • Research / Informative (5)
  • Assignment pages offer clear goals, instructions, scaffolding, and organizers.
  • 2-3 focus standards on each assignment
  • PDF and DOCX files (print as-is or modify in MS Word or Google Docs)

To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Exam

  • Just delete the test items you don’t want and print.
  • Comprehension Questions (70, multiple-choice)
  • Language Arts Standards (53, multiple-choice)
  • Short Response (28)
  • Extended Response (17)
  • Answer key included
  • PDF and DOCX files (print as-is or modify in MS Word or Google Docs)
  • Single column and 2-column (paper-saver) layouts

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Test

  • Recall/comprehension questions only

Culminating Tasks:

  • Beyond the Mockingbird: Symbol Presentations
  • Scout’s Point of View
  • It’s Complicated (plot diagrams)
  • Themes of To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Truth and Fiction
  • Analyze Symbolism in an Unfamiliar Text
  • Lee’s Style (word choice)
  • Parts, Plots, and Episodes (structure essay)
  • Hypocrisy in Maycomb: Point of View and Irony
  • Foreshadowing in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Final Exam (questions and prompts)

Enrichment Activities:

Creative Writing

  • The Lost Chapter
  • Symbolism Narrative
  • Writing Dialogue
  • Point of View Shift
  • Imagery in Writing

Performance / Exhibition

  • Primary Source Gallery
  • Free Robinson Campaign
  • Free Robinson Speech
  • To Kill a Monologue
  • TKM Artwork (exhibition)


  • Is To Kill a Mockingbird Overrated? (debate)
  • Hypocrisy Editorial
  • Does the Jury System Work?

Research / Informative

  • To Kill a Mockingbird in Context (research report)
  • Comparing Mockingbirds
  • Studies of Courage
  • Famous Court Cases (presentation)
  • Growing Up (personal essay)