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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Test (reading check)


This A Tree Grows in Brooklyn test is a reading check for the whole book. It contains comprehension/recall questions only. Perfect for assigning summer reading or extra credit.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Test:

  • 51 multiple-choice questions
  • 2 short answer questions
  • 1 essay prompt

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Test files:

  • Test PDF file
  • Test DOCX file (can be modified in Microsoft Word or Google Docs)
  • Answer Key PDF file

Resource notes:

  • Contains comprehension questions only; Does NOT assess knowledge of literary elements.
  • Test is 6 pages:
    • 4 pages of multiple choice
    • 1 page for short answer questions
    • 1 page for the extended response
  • Remove pages 5 and 6 if you want multiple choice only.

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