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Frankenstein Anticipation Guided FEATURED

Frankenstein Anticipation Guide

    This Frankenstein anticipation guide prepares students to read the original novel by Mary Shelley.  Activate prior knowledge, engage with key theme subjects, create interest, and set purpose for reading. The printable Frankenstein Anticipation Guide PDF follows the preview images. Preparing… Read More »Frankenstein Anticipation Guide

    Dr. Frankenstein in his lab

    Frankenstein Reading Schedule

      What’s more romantic than a eight-foot science experiment with daddy issues? Nothing!  Including this classic of Romantic literature (and arguably the first science fiction novel) is a no-brainer! Here is my recommended Frankenstein reading schedule. Frankenstein reading schedule (four parts)… Read More »Frankenstein Reading Schedule

      White Fang Unit plan final

      White Fang Unit Plan

        White Fang can be used in various ways in the classroom (lit. circles, summer reading, small groups, etc.) Here is a White Fang unit plan to follow for whole-class instruction. White Fang Reading Level (7th-9th grade) White Fang is not… Read More »White Fang Unit Plan

        Anthem Unit Test cover quote

        Anthem Unit Test

          Printable Anthem unit test (ready to use) This Anthem unit test (final exam) is a PDF file that is ready to download or print.  I selected the questions from my Anthem Exam Banks resource. Anthem Unit Test PDF Anthem Unit Test… Read More »Anthem Unit Test