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Brave New World Quiz Chapters 1-3

    Brave New World Quiz featured 1

    I use reading checks to keep students on schedule. These Brave New World reading quizzes reward conscientious readers and discourage procrastination.  After the students have answered the Brave New World comprehension questions, I know if they are prepared to engage with the lesson.

    The Brave New World Quiz for Chapters 1-3 PDF is shown below.  Scroll down the post to check out the rest quizzes, the Brave New World Reading Test (entire book), and the Brave New World Unit Exam.

    Brave New World Reading Check 1 PDF:

    Brave New World Quizzes PREVIEW

    Brave New World Comprehension Questions Options:

    1) Brave New World Quiz 1

    Open the resource preview to print the first reading check and answer key.  Note that this quiz contains comprehension questions only and that all questions are multiple choice.

    2) 5 Brave New World Quizzes

    Keep students on schedule throughout the unit with five reading checks. The reading quizzes for this novel align to the schedule below:

    • Reading 1: Chapters 1-3
    • Reading 2: Chapters 4-6
    • Reading 3: Chapters 7-10
    • Reading 4: Chapters 11-14
    • Reading 5: Chapters 15-18

    3) Brave New World Reading Test (reading check for the entire novel)

    • 40 Brave New World multiple choice questions
    • 3 Brave New World short answer questions
    • 1 extended response prompt
    • Answer key

    NOTE: These Brave New World questions check comprehension only and do not assess knowledge of literary elements. The unit exam below assesses knowledge of the literary elements of Brave New World.

    4) Brave New World Unit Exam PDF

    Brave New World Exam SAMPLE


    This test contains 20 recall questions, 25 literary knowledge and analysis questions, 3 short response prompts, and an essay prompt. It is four pages when printed front and back.

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    Brave New World comprehension questions to cut and past:

    From Brave New World Reading Check 1:

    At the beginning of the novel, the Director is touring the factory to…
    🔲 Assess and grade all the workers.
    🔲 Teach a group of students.
    🔲 Pick out specimens for an experiment.
    🔲 Decide if the factory should close.

    Which choice is NOT a goal of the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre?
    🔲 Making large batches of identical twins
    🔲 Encouraging sexual play
    🔲 Giving babies electrical shocks
    🔲 Producing perfectly equal citizens

    The Director and Mr. Foster talk about their shared desire to…
    🔲 Speed up the factory process.
    🔲 Make everyone exactly equal.
    🔲 Trade jobs.
    🔲 Have sex with Bethany.

    Why are the children conditioned to like nature?
    🔲 Spending time in nature is free.
    🔲 They will be outside a lot in the army.
    🔲 The government needs more people to sleep outside.
    🔲 Trick question! They are conditioned to dislike nature.

    How do they teach the children morality?
    🔲 A pain implant punishes them.
    🔲 Government approved movies present proper role models.
    🔲 The children are brainwashed while they sleep.
    🔲 Trick question! Morality is no longer a concern.

    Which historical figure do the people of the society worship?
    🔲 Zaphod Beeblebrox
    🔲 Mazer Rackham
    🔲 Benito Mussolini
    🔲 Henry Ford

    The Controller gives a lecture explaining the horrors of…
    🔲 Family life.
    🔲 Working in the baby factory.
    🔲 Being smarter than everyone else.
    🔲 Knowing what will happen before it happens.

    Fanny gives Lenina are hard time for…
    🔲 Dating too many guys.
    🔲 Dating the same guy for too long.
    🔲 Working too hard at the factory.
    🔲 Not working hard enough.

    Which character rejects some of the norms (expectations) of the society?
    🔲 Bernard Marx
    🔲 Mr. Foster
    🔲 Fanny
    🔲 Mustapha Mond, the Controller

    What are the lowest members of the society called?
    🔲 4-Fs
    🔲 Untouchables
    🔲 Epsilons
    🔲 Trick question! All are equal.

    Brave New World multiple choice questions from the sample test:

    The very beginning of Brave New World centers on a…
    🔲 University lecture.
    🔲 Man alone on an island.
    🔲 Tour of a factory.
    🔲 Secret meeting of the World State.

    How does the society teach children morality and values?
    🔲 A pain implant punishes them.
    🔲 Government-approved movies present proper role models.
    🔲 The children are brainwashed while they sleep.
    🔲 Trick question! Morality is no longer a concern.

    Which choice is NOT a coping mechanism (a way to deal with emotions) used by citizens of the society?
    🔲 Promiscuous sex (many partners)
    🔲 Self-abuse (physical pain)
    🔲 Drug use (soma)
    🔲 Feely movies (escapism)

    What fact makes Bernard Marx feel insecure about himself?
    🔲 He is physically small.
    🔲 He thinks that his face is unattractive.
    🔲 He has a speech impediment.
    🔲 He believes that he is less intelligent than his peers.

    In what way are Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson alike?
    🔲 They are both considered unattractive.
    🔲 They feel like they do not fit in.
    🔲 They have the same occupation.
    🔲 They are both Gammas.

    What is Bernard Marx’s field of expertise?
    🔲 Mechanical engineering
    🔲 Psychology
    🔲 Music (composition)
    🔲 Historical research

    How did John come to live on the “Savage” Reservation?
    🔲 He was left there as part of an experiment.
    🔲 He escaped “civilization” to live there.
    🔲 He was born there.
    🔲 A helicopter crash strands him there.

    What fact shames the Director of the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre?
    🔲 He falls in love with the “wrong” person.
    🔲 He fathers a child.
    🔲 Bernard catches him stealing from the company.
    🔲 He is a fraud—he was born into a lower level of society.

    How do Linda and John come to leave the reservation?
    🔲 Bernard sneaks them out illegally.
    🔲 They escape by stealing other people’s documents.
    🔲 The leader of the “savages” demands that they leave.
    🔲 Bernard gets permission to take them back to London.

    What is the official motto or slogan of the World State?
    🔲 Community—Identity—Stability
    🔲 Work—Consume—Enjoy
    🔲 Joy for All, Misery for None
    🔲 Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith

    Which of the following is a sacred symbol in Brave New World?
    🔲 A circle made of smaller circles
    🔲 A lightning bolt
    🔲 The exclamation point
    🔲 The letter T

    Which character fits best into the society of Brave New World?
    🔲 Bernard Marx
    🔲 Helmholtz Watson
    🔲 Fanny Crowne
    🔲 Linda Savage

    Which choice reflects a change caused by John and Linda’s arrival in London?
    🔲 People start to question the World State government.
    🔲 People are turning away from soma.
    🔲 Bernard becomes popular.
    🔲 Bonaparte and his followers decide that they will become “savage.”

    Which choice best represents the society’s views on family?
    🔲 Your caste (level of society) is your family.
    🔲 Your Bokanovsky group is your family.
    🔲 The idea of family is disgusting and wrong.
    🔲 he World State is your family.

    How do the authorities handle the riot started by John Savage?
    🔲 They use drugs to calm everyone down.
    🔲 They decide to let the riot “run its course.”
    🔲 They start beating and killing people.
    🔲 Trick question! They cannot decide how to deal with it.

    Which choice is NOT a feature of life in Huxley’s imagined society?
    🔲 Violent Passion Surrogate
    🔲 Rigorous Morning Chant
    🔲 Solidarity Service
    🔲 Malthusian Drill

    Why does Mustapha Mond think it is a reward to be sent to an island?
    🔲 The “savages” treat you as royalty.
    🔲 The free-thinking individuals are there.
    🔲 You are part of an exciting experiment.
    🔲 You can get away from the crowded cities.

    Which character is glad to be exiled to an isolated island?
    🔲 Helmholtz Watson
    🔲 The DHC (Bernard’s former boss)
    🔲 Bernard Marx
    🔲 Lenina Crowne

    How does John Savage die?
    🔲 He hangs himself.
    🔲 A crowd beats him to death.
    🔲 The World State has him electrocuted.
    🔲 Trick question! John Savage lives!

    Thanks for checking out Brave New World Quiz Chapters 1-3.

    Nothing raises reading levels, builds vocabulary, and broadens minds like habitual reading.  Motivating habitual reading is easier said than done. While intrinsic motivation is wonderful, I have learned that simple reading quizzes are more effective than packets, study guides, journals, and the rest.  The inclusion of some simple Brave New World comprehension questions might make the difference in the success of your unit.

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