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Anthem Unit Test

    Anthem Unit Test cover quote

    Printable Anthem unit test (ready to use)

    This Anthem unit test (final exam) is a PDF file that is ready to download or print.  I selected the questions from my Anthem Exam Banks resource.

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    Anthem Unit Test PDF

    Anthem Unit Test DOCX

    I am providing two file formats (PDF and DOCX).  The DOCX exam is customizable in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  Feel free to use this exam or any of its contents for your Anthem by Ayn Rand exam.  If you want to cut and paste from this page,  all of the questions/prompts are shown below.

    Create an Anthem unit test that fits your goals by selecting questions from my four exam banks.

    • 36 Comprehension questions (key included)
    • 42 Language Arts standards questions (key included)
    • 20 Short Response prompts
    • 20 Extended Response prompts

    Making your own literature test goes much faster when you have banks of questions to use.  Choose only the questions that fit your unit goals and customize as necessary.  Please note that my exam banks do not address language standards (vocabulary, grammar, etc.)

    DOWNLOAD THE UNITANTHEM unit cover final - SMALL

    What sections should be included in an Anthem unit test?

    Anthem comprehension questions

    Anthem test comprehension

    When using a final exam as part of a literature unit, I like to start students off with some comprehension-level questions.  This gives students a chance to build some confidence and refresh their memories before taking on rigorous analysis.

    I expect students to comprehend not only the story elements but also additional information from the lessons.  For example, students should be able to answer questions about the historical and ideological context of the Ayn Rand’s novella.

    Anthem Language Arts standards questions (Common Core)

    Antheum unit exam common core standards

    In this part of the Anthem unit test, I expect students to demonstrate understanding of the key Language Arts elements studied in the unit. For Anthem by Ayn Rand, the most important elements are symbolism, point of view, theme development, tone, internal conflict, setting, and allusion.  Of course, every teacher will have different goals for their instructional unit and assessments.

    Anthem short response questions

    Anthem unit test short response

    As you can see from the two examples, my short response questions ask the students to analyze elements from the novel in order to demonstrate mastery.  The analysis requires students to support their ideas with relevant support.  Several of my Anthem unit test questions require students to focus on a key excerpt from the text.

    Anthem extended response question(s)

    Anthem unit test extended response final

    I require students to address at least one extended response prompt as part of the Anthem unit test.  Students might compose an essay or complete a complex graphic organizer.  While this task is time consuming, it is important that students be able to synthesize their knowledge and skills on an advanced level.

    Depending on the specific extended response prompt, I may allow students access to the original novella and/or their notes.  If this part of the exam is open-book, I will have students turn in the early sections of the test before commencing.

    Anthem unit test questions (from the sample test only)

    Comprehension questions 

    1. What is the term commonly used to refer to an ideal society?
      • Utopia
      • Dystopia
      • Myopia
      • Cornucopia
    2. An economic system where individuals and groups of individuals own private property, wealth, and means of production is called…
      • Capitalism.
      • Republicanism.
      • Communism.
      • Marxism.
    3. Ayn Rand grew up and went to college in…
      • America.
      • China.
      • Cuba.
      • Russia.
      • England.
    4. Which choice correctly identifies the narration (telling) of Anthem?
      • It is a report from The Council of Elders.
      • Equality is writing a journal.
      • Unknown, third-person narrator
      • Brotherhood 7-8896 is telling a group of children about the past.
    5. Equality is ultimately assigned to work with the Home of the…
      • Leaders.
      • Street Sweepers.
      • Peasants.
      • Scholars.
      • Healers.
    6. What types of words are the members of the society forbidden to use?
      • Coordinating conjunctions
      • Comparative adjectives
      • Passive verbs
      • Singular personal pronouns
    7. The most important value of the society in Anthem is…
      • Justice.
      • Intelligence.
      • Peace / nonviolence.
      • Equality.
    8. Equality initially (at first) believes the Scholars are ___________________, but he later decides that they are __________________.
      • Wise / fools
      • Capable / excellent
      • Evil / just
      • Imaginary / real
    9. By the end of the story, Equality vows that he will only worship…
      • His family.
      • Science.
      • Himself.
      • God.
      • Nature / the Earth.
    10. Equality will return the City of Men in order to…
      • Destroy it.
      • Teach them all the true way.
      • Rescue those who are like him.
      • Trick question! He vows to stay away.

    Anthem unit test Language Arts standards questions

    1. Which choice accurately reflects the evolution of Equality’s point of view?
      • He knows he is right; he knows he is wrong.
      • He knows he is wrong; he knows he is right.
      • He hates humanity; he loves humanity.
      • He loves humanity; he hates humanity.
      • Trick question! He does not change his view.
    2. The language in most of Anthem is unusual because it is written from a/an _________________ point of view.
      • Omniscient (all-knowing)
      • Collective
      • Second-person
      • Myopic
    3. Which choice best identifies Equality’s internal conflict?
      • He must fight the society in order to create change.
      • He wants to express himself, but he knows it is wrong.
      • He must choose between Liberty and his goals.
      • He must find a way to escape with his life.
    4. Which choice represents a theme communicated in Anthem?
      • Love is blind.
      • Personal expression
      • Seeking truth
      • Individuality is better than collectivity.
    5. Identify the key literary element in this excerpt: “…it was as if we were swimming through a sea of leaves, with the bushes as waves rising and falling and rising around us, and flinging their green sprays high…”
      • Point of view (irony)
      • Figurative language (simile)
      • Symbolism
      • Structure (pacing)
    6. Which choice is not an important motif in Anthem?
      • Circles
      • Light and dark
      • Sins / transgressions
      • Pain and suffering
      • Natural beauty
    7. The recurring element of names mainly connects to the theme on…
      • Power.
      • Equality / hierarchy.
      • Seeking truth.
      • Individuality / collectivism.
    8. Identify the key literary element in this excerpt: “I owe nothing to my brothers, nor do I gather debts from them.  I ask none to live for me, nor do I live for any others. I covet no man’s soul, nor is my soul theirs to covet.  I am neither foe nor friend to my brothers, but such as each of them shall deserve of me.”
      • Symbolism
      • Imagery
      • Tone
      • Sensory details
      • Figurative language (idiom)
    9. Which perspective offers strong objections to ideas Anthem?
      • Feminist
      • Capitalist
      • Objectivist
      • Atheist (the belief that there is no God)
    10. Which choice is not a source material for the allusions in Anthem?
      • Classical philosophy
      • Shakespeare’s plays
      • The Bible
      • Greek Mythology

    Anthem unit test short response prompts

    1. Choose one symbolic element (symbol or motif) from the list below and explain how Rand uses it in Anthem.  

    • The tunnel
    • The mountain
    • Nature / the sky
    • Equality’s invention
    • Darkness / light
    • Physical beauty

    2. Analyze this excerpt (Equality and Liberty in The Uncharted Forest) as an allusion:

    “Our dearest one. Fear nothing of the forest.  There is no danger in solitude. We have no need of our brothers.  Let us forget their good and our evil, let us forget all these things save that we are together…And that night we knew that to hold the body of women in our arms is neither ugly nor shameful…”

    Anthem unit test extended response prompt

    In your expert opinion, what are the three most important theme subjects in Anthem? (We are talking about the themes that are the most important for Rand in Anthem, not the most important themes for you personally.)Anthem Theme Subjects list


    Teaching literature is a challenging and noble endeavor.  Sometimes, finding helpful resources can be equally challenging. I hope that you have found something here that you can use in your teaching.

    A final exam is just one way for students to demonstrate their mastery.  Studying literature offers students the chance to express their own points of view, creativity, and talents. You might want your assessment to take the form of a project, presentation, essay, or performance.

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